Praia da Batata

The beach is situated between Praia dos Estudantes and the mole built on the western side of Ribeira de Bensafrim, only a few metres from the historic centre of the city of Lagos and already displaying urban characteristics: most of the cliff behind the beach has been covered with stone and the very top is occupied with a sunny paved square, along which there runs a small footpath. Various leisure facilities are available for the use of holidaymakers. Beyond the mole is a tiny area of sand called Praia de Solaria, and the Fortaleza da Ponta da Bandeira stands right at the entrance to the harbour. There are many sheltered nooks and crannies on the beach, a common feature on this stretch of the coastline, which is very exposed to the effects of the elements. It is a fairly popular beach, appearing as a continuation of the long waterfront avenue of Lagos, accompanying the route from the sea to the marina used by the yachts and small boats that offer trips around the so-called Costa d’Ouro (gold coast), a name that derives from the golden hues of the cliffs along this stretch of coastline.

  • There is a possibility of stones falling from the cliffs, so that care should be taken when walking close to them.
  • The beach can be reached either on foot or along a tarmac road from Avenida dos Descobrimentos in Lagos. There is an organised parking area near the beach, which has various support facilities (restaurants and toilets) and is supervised during the bathing season.
  • The beach faces south-east/east