This beach can be reached along a footpath running along the cliff top from Praia Dona Ana and allowing you the chance to observe some of the typical coastal vegetation: Mediterranean beach daisy, sweet alyssum, sea orach and wormleaf saltwort all grow profusely in the cavities between the rocks. Further inland, there is a predominance of the characteristic species of coastal scrubland, such as mastic-trees and olive-trees, which are gradually beginning to occupy this previously barren area. The beach is a small one, nestling between high cliffs, carved out of warm-coloured carbonate rocks. An enormous natural arch appears to the east of the beach, and, on the other side of this, a special viewing point has been built with a set of steps leading down into the sea, allowing you to dive into the water without having to cross over the beach. An extensive submerged area of rocks offers you the chance to enjoy some attractive underwater swimming. Although it is small and very close to the urban centre of Lagos, the beach is relatively peaceful and quiet.

There is a possibility of stones falling from the cliffs, so that care should be taken when walking close to them, as well as when walking on the cliff top, keeping a safe distance from the edge. There is a footpath to the beach from Praia dona ana, as well as a tarmac road from Lagos. Drive up the Avenida dos Descobrimentos and follow the signs to Praia do Pinhão. There is a very small car park near the beach, which has basic support facilities and is supervised during the bathing season. The beach faces east