Clean & Safe

Our Hygiene Concept

The Security of a healthy environment for your carefree holiday at the Vila Valverde

Our comprehensive hygiene concept was developed in compliance with the legal regulations of the Portuguese government and the General Health Directorate (DGS). In addition to the legal requirements, we introduced other measures based on the catalogue of measures adopted by Portuguese Hotel Associations and current scientific knowledge. In April of this year, all employees and the entire management of the hotel were trained and comprehensively certified on measures against the spread of the Corona virus, especially in relation to the hotel sector. Our Hygiene Technician is Jacqueline Tavares. Our entire team and the hotel management are regularly checked by a doctor. In the case of symptoms of fever or illness that indicate an infection, all employees are instructed to stay at home and to contact the family doctor immediately. Before starting work, each of our employees is measured with a non-contact thermometer. If it exceeds 37.5 ° C, the employee in question is sent home immediately. In the event of changes in official requirements, it is clear that our new procedures will be adjusted, if other more stringent measures are introduced and if existing requirements are relaxed.

The Room

When you arrive at Vila Valverde, you will find a perfectly clean and disinfected room to feel completely comfortable and well protected.

• Your room has been subjected to intensive cleaning with chlorine and alcoholic agents, and all hard surfaces, such as tables, armrests, door handles, telephones, remote controls, etc. were also disinfected.

• As a special service that goes beyond legal requirements, we subject your room to professional treatment with OZONO, just before your arrival. This ensures that all materials in the room, as well as the entire air and air conditioning system, are sterilized (eliminating viruses, bacteria and fungi, as well as carcinogenic and allergenic microorganisms without the use of chemicals).

• Currently, we perform the disinfection of individually adjustable air conditioning systems, which was carried out once a month, but according to the current regulations, they are carried out weekly.

• Our team performs all the work described, equipped with mouth protection. The cleaning service uses disposable gloves that are disposed of hygienically and environmentally after each individual room. 

• All hotel clothes, from sheets to towels, are washed in our internal laundry at high temperatures and with detergents that guarantee the absence of viruses.

During your stay, we offer you the following alternatives for cleaning your room:

1. You can opt for our cleaning and hygiene service, which visits your room daily while you are away. 

2. You can also stay without the daily cleaning service in your room for the entire duration of your stay. This means that no one except you will enter your room during your stay.

3. You can use our cleaning service only on certain days that have been agreed with the reception and Housekeeping, in advance. We ask that you inform us before your arrival which of the above options you have chosen. 

• The small refrigerator in your room was also disinfected before your arrival. For hygiene reasons, it is not equipped with a minibar. 

• We ask for your understanding since we will suspend our turndown service (usual in the early evening, as a result of reduced contact until further notice). 

• We also ask for your understanding that we are currently unable to offer our in-house laundry service for private laundry. Of course, we are at your disposal to find an alternative for you.

Disinfection of common areas

• Three times a day, our employees disinfect points of contact throughout the hotel, such as door handles, handrails, elevator buttons, taps, bathrooms, etc. The terrace area and tables and chairs in the garden are disinfected twice a day. All steps follow a detailed checklist to which employees sign. 

• Disinfection stations are available for customers and employees at central locations in the hotel. 

• We ask all our customers to thoroughly disinfect their hands when entering the hotel and in the breakfast area, as well as before contacting the reception. Distance requirement and mask requirement keeping a minimum distance from other people who do not belong to your family applies, in addition to using mouth and nose protection and the hand and sneeze label for the most effective protection against a corona infection: 

• Our team is obliged to maintain a legal distance of at least 1.5m, in Portugal, we also ask our customers to do so.

• Please keep your distance from other guests. Mutual attention helps to protect us all.

• We would like to point out that it is mandatory to use mouth protection inside closed rooms in Portugal. Therefore, we ask all of our customers to wear mouth and nose protection when entering the hotel and on their way to the hotel. As soon as you sit at the breakfast table, you can remove the mouth and nose protection. Wearing a mouth guard does not release you from the imperative of distance. In the external areas of the hotel, of course, you can remove the mouthguard. 

• In addition, we recommend that you always have your mask with you outside the hotel, as wearing mask is mandatory in all indoor areas and means of transport, but also outdoors.

• Please understand that our elevator can only be used by people who share a room or belong to a family. 

• Our employees also use mouth protection in direct contact with guests, as well as in work rooms that are not visible to the public wherever activities may result in the minimum distance being exceeded. 

• We determine the maximum number of people for all of our facilities based on legal requirements. Our generous amount of space gives us the opportunity to guarantee the minimum prescribed distance between tables and chairs for all of our guests.


Breakfast at Vila Valverde has always been a very popular and pleasant start of the day. And so, it must remain. Fortunately, the hotel has a few outdoor tables (Hotel Lounge) and on the 1st floor a large Lounge & Terrace overlooking the sea.  

However, we still have to follow some rules here:

• We serve our a la carte breakfast at the table. Breakfast will be prepared in our kitchen controlled by HACCP, maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. We do our best to serve you as soon as possible, but we ask for your understanding if breakfast takes a little longer than usual, as it is being prepared individually, on time.

 • So that you can place your order without contacting a menu, we will provide you with a link before you arrive, which can be used to load our breakfast menu on your smartphone. Our service personnel are equipped with reusable nasal and nasal protection masks with triple filters.

green key

Our contribution to environmental protection.
Vila Valverde is a Green Key hotel... your guarantee of ecological holidays...

• In the course of the current scientifically supported hygiene recommendations, we prefer frequent and correct cleaning of the hands to the use of disposable gloves when serving.

• The tables in the breakfast room, the orange grove and our extensive terrace with palm trees have been changed to guarantee a minimum distance of 1m between the backs of the chairs.

 • Only people who share a room or belong to the same family can sit together at a table.

• Please understand that we serve salt and pepper in single portions during this critical period. We can take bottles of vinegar and oil on request, of course we disinfect beforehand.

• Table linen is changed after each guest.

• Crockery, cutlery and glasses are washed hygienically in professional dishwashers at maximum temperatures.

• Upon request, we will be happy to serve your breakfast in your room at no additional cost (for a smooth process, we appreciate your pre-order the night before).


For your protection and that of our employees, we try to work with as little contact as possible. Of course, our multilingual reception team is always ready to answer your questions, give advice or tips or organize transfers, trips and restaurant reservations. The Reception is open from 6 am to midnight. 

• We perform check-in 14:00h - 21:30 and check-out 12:00h with low contact as much as possible. With your booking confirmation, we will send you a link that you can use to send us your home address and photos of the relevant pages of your identification / passport card prior to arrival. 

• The protective screen on the reception desk ensures that direct contact between customers and employees is avoided. 

• When contacting guests, our reception staff uses additional mask and disinfects their hands after each contact with the guest's objects. 

• Card payment devices are disinfected after each use. 

• We ask that you always deliver the room card to the Reception when you check out. This is always disinfected by our Reception team. 

• Distance rules in the Reception area guarantee a low number of customers. 

• The surface of our Reception counter is disinfected with a 75% alcoholic solution after each contact with guests. 

• The handles of our umbrellas (rarely used) are also disinfected with a 75% alcoholic solution before and after each use.

Luggage Service

• A Vila Valverde employee takes care of your luggage and parks your car 

• Like all our employees, he wears mouth protection and, for this special service, disposable gloves, which he safely and environmentally disposes of after each parking process. 

• The key to your rental car is disinfected after each parking process. We ask for your help, only together and with mutual consideration can we avoid the dangers of the corona virus. Help us to implement our concept of hygiene, follow the instructions in our signage and the instructions of our trained employees. 

• Please wash or disinfect your hands regularly and before entering rooms. 

• Observe the sneeze and cough label. 

• Wear mouth and nose protection in public areas. • Keep the distance requirement of at least 1.5m for other people. 

• To protect all guests and staff in our home, we must isolate guests with a fever above 37.5 ° in their room and report them to the local health authorities, who will decide on additional measures (guaranteed discretion). The hotel has the right to measure its temperature on arrival with a non-contact thermometer. If you have a fever during your stay, you must inform the Reception.


• In our large garden and on the outside terraces or in the pools, you will find plenty of space to relax outdoors and at a distance. Our bar service staff can be reached at Reception 9's phone number and take your order wherever you are, either outside the property or in your room. 

• As our Breakfast menu, you will also receive a link to our bar list, which you can also access on your smartphone. 

• The distances between the loungers in our Lounge & Terrace have increased to 3m. Please keep this distance for your own protection and that of other guests.

• Our Reception team will be happy to organize individual tours for customers, with local and multilingual drivers / guides 

• Obviously, our partners comply with all prescribed hygiene measures, distance rules and the obligation to wear a mask.

We wish you a relaxing and carefree holiday in our small hotel Vila Valverde. We are available for your questions and suggestions at any time.

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